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Pastor Greg and Pastor Bobbie are the lead pastors and visionary leaders of Destiny Church Naples.

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Their Story

Pastors Greg and Bobbie felt the call of God to move their family from Ohio in 2006 to start a church. As soon as they made the decision they felt the hand of God all over it. 

Pastor Greg has a heart for people. His desire is to see lives changed by the wonder working power of Jesus. In 2014 Pastor Greg was out for a run when his heart went into fib and died. Through the power of prayer he survived and is a living representation of Christ. If you would like to hear his full testimony you can do so here

Pastor Bobbie has a heart for families. From the youngest to the oldest she desires to see Jesus made real. One of her biggest passions is being able to work with children. Pastor Greg and Bobbie have done a lot of work with foster care, and moved forward with adopting one of their daughters.

Their desire is to have a church that houses the tangible presence of Holy Spirit. One of their mottos are "come as you are, but don't stay that way"

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