DC Life Groups

DC Life Groups are not a program, nor are they "just another meeting."  They are a way of seeing Jesus move outside of church buildings.  They are a way of releasing Christians as ministers and seeing that the real needs people face are being met.  Lifegroups are a way of being the church rather than going to church!
Prayerfully consider whether or not now is the time for you and your family to get plugged-in to a life group, or maybe lead one. 

Free Market

Groups in Free Market are groups that encourage community. These are groups that  involve  activities such as soccer, football, kayaking etc.

Essentials Discipleship

Groups in Essential Discipleship are groups that will help build the foundation in your walk with Christ. This category includes groups that deal with Marriage & Family, Finance, Holy Spirit, etc.


Becoming a Leader

"Go to the people of all nations and make them My disciples."

We love seeing people empowered to teach & Lead DC Life Groups!  

At Destiny we have a leadership training that ALL leaders need to complete and interview before being able to lead a group. 

We know that as God uses you to lead people, you will grow in all He has for you!

Concrete Wall

Sarah, H

I never understood how to have a relationship with Jesus. But when I joined the Young Adults Life Group, they encouraged and taught me how to grow with and in Christ!



always knew I had authority in Jesus, and once I had joined the Great Commission Group and I saw God working through me did I believe it!


Joel, C

I never knew I could be a leader until I was given the opportunity to lead a DC Life Group. Seeing God move through me has empowered me to pursue God more!




We run our groups on two semesters per year. 

Some groups are not for the full semester. Some groups run for 6 weeks, while others run for 12, and everything in-between. 

Email: dclifegroups@destinynaples.com                           Text Us: (239) 232-3774
We would love to meet with you and answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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Here are a few groups we have running at the moment!
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