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Forge Fellowship is the Men’s Ministry at Destiny Church, but open to all men here in Southwest Florida.
It’s a place for men to connect with other men for fellowship, encouragement, prayer, Bible study, accountability, and discipleship. 
We have a number of events that we run throughout the month, and would love to have you join us!

We Meet every Thursday at 7pm 

If you would like to join us, sign up below.

We also meet the Second Saturday of every month at 8am

If you would like to join us
sign up below.


I grew up with 3 brothers (2 older,1 younger ). I was always glad I wasn’t an “only child.” 
Having 2 older brothers gave me the opportunity to watch and learn and where applicable to emulate them . 
Having a younger brother gave me the opportunity to lead and teach him. 
Don’t be an “only child” men ! Come join us and be the brother somebody needs . You’ll learn and grow and so will we !

What a fantastic way to refire the Work of the Holy Spirit in our lives! Bonding together, with Men of Destiny, constantly learning how to "Walk in His Spirit, and Live in His Word!!......Forge Ministry, Iron Sharpens Iron, Men of Destiny

Attending Forge Men’s ministry at Destiny church has changed how I show up in life. When you have men coming together weekly to worship and get together and share a Word from the Lord and fellowship with each other it’s absolutely transformational! Lives change from being selfish to selfless and from advancement to self to the advancement of the Kingdom of God! 

Men's Forge has changed my walk with GOD because these men are here to guide us and give us inspiration for what challenges we come across.  They help us to grow in the spirit and to bring out the Holy Spirit the fire within us. To not fear what we once feared and to overcome our fear with the love of GOD.  To go out and help others that are in need and never put ourselves above anyone but to humble ourselves to the need of all. Thank you Jesus and GOD BLESS. 

This Group has Truly Blessed me with not just the Fellowship of Christian Brothers but the Spiritual awakening that we all need. This Group has made me a better Father, Friend but moreover a better Husband due to the years of knowledge that is shared by all the Married Brothers that give Amazing advice. As our Pastor has said “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your Future” I have surrounded myself with Great Christian Brothers and Sisters.

Ken M

Dana G

Sean B

Robert C

Anthony R

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