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We have many ways for you to receive prayer! We have in-person opportunities during the week as well as a prayer wall. Our DC prayer team and Pastors are ready to stand in the gap with you and believe for your miracle!


In person prayer happens:

  • During Sunday Service

  • At Healing Rooms

  • During the Week with our Campus Pastors

Post prayer requests below:


2 days ago

My girlfriend and I moved down to Florida after I had been in the military for 6 years. We moved in together and started our life in Naples together. Recently God has placed it on my heart to persue him unconditionally and I moved out. I will be paying my half of the rent at the location I lived with her, as well as my rent in the appartment. Please pray for steadfastness in my walk with God, that I won't falter and move back in with her or sin in any other way with her. Please also pray for frugality with my finances as I have a lot more in bills to cover. Lastly, please pray that I continally hear God's voice in my spirit and continue to follow his commands, even if I don't understand them.

17 de jul.

Please pray for me. I’ve been bed bound for over Three Years. I need to be healed and get my life back. Jimmie Smith from Corbin Kentucky

09 de jul.

Please pray for my friend and neighbor, and her family. Her husband has been battling brain cancer for four years and he is starting to decline rapidly now. Please give her the strength and courage to help support him through this process, as well as their children. And please pray God uses me as a vessel to help and be there for her even when she is too shy to ask for my help.

09 de jul.

Please pray for my son Luke, He needs God’s protection from some very evil and deceitful people. He is a follower of Christ and a great kid. God knows his heart. He needs God’s protection now to move this “mountain” and keep him safe.

25 de jun.

please pray for a good man V. to gte a several calls and messages with home offers for the pets living in his animal charity society. thanks

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